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Why Ghost don't see 12/24 DAT?

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Why Ghost don't see 12/24 DAT?


I am having a problem making a Ghost image of a hard drive to a tape drive.
The server is an 1850R, though I doubt that matters.
The DOS drivers are loaded and show the 3 drives and the tape drive, but Ghost can not find the 12/24DAT.
Using the line in CONFIG.SYS:
device=fws2aspi.sys /LUN
which shows the tape drive as SCSI 6 LUN 1, while the other 3 drives are SCSI 0,1,2 LUN 0, Ghost just doesn't see the tape drive. I get a message that no tape drive is available.
Command line as entered for Ghost:
ghost -clone,mode=dump,src=1,dst=@MTx
(I have tried @MT0, @MT1, & @MT6...same result each time)

Have you found a solution?

Thank You

Kyle DeWolfe
Systems Engineer
Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Re: Why Ghost don't see 12/24 DAT?

You would need to contact the software vendor who write the Ghost software, in this case, Norton.