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Re: Why ML150G3 always reboot by itself?

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Why ML150G3 always reboot by itself?

My ML150G3 was installed on Jan 2, 2007, and its O.S. is OpenSUSE 10.2. This server always reboot by itself during from July until now. I checked my O.S. which is no problem. But I got the following SEL from IPMI.

SEL Entry Number = 151
SEL Record ID = 0BCC
SEL Record Type = 02 - System Event Record
Timestamp = 09/14/2007 19:27:59
Generator ID = 20 00
SEL Message Rev = 04
Sensor Type = 23 - Watchdog 2
Sensor Number = FE - Watchdog
SEL Event Type = 6F - Sensor-specific
Event Description = Timer Expired
SEL Event Data = C0 03 FF
Charles Hodge
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Re: Why ML150G3 always reboot by itself?

Not sure why this is happening, but I get the same exact problem and output from IPMI on my ML150G3. Server reboots unexpectedly at random times. Does anyone know with what hardware this problem is associated?