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Will PCI-X scsi card work in DL380 G1

Steve Battles_2
Occasional Contributor

Will PCI-X scsi card work in DL380 G1

Does anyone know if a pci-x scsi card will work in a DL 380 G1.

I just purchased an HP Ultrium 460e LTO drive and I need to know what scsi card will work with it. According to the specs, it needs a minimum of a high-perf Ultra 160 SCSI with a max burst transfer of 160MB/sec.

I have an LSI Logic Ultra320 pci-x-133 card. Will this work?

I'm in one city and the server is in another, so I'd like to have all the right parts before I make the trip. I don't have a DL320 here to check.

Tarek Kawach
Honored Contributor

Re: Will PCI-X scsi card work in DL380 G1

Hi Steve:

Yes steve the card will work fine on the DL380G1; however make sure that the server bios is uptodate before adding that card; and once you physically add that card to the server; then you will need to go to F10 , System configuration Utility or SCU ; to make sure that you have added that card to the server bios info.

If this is novell o/s then make sure you are using the right driver for it.

However; since the server is old the card will run at a very reduced speed; hence that might cause some time out error sin the o/s ; since the driver you are using needs more bus speed then what the server can put out. If you are doing backups during any kind of productions then I will not recommend putting this drive 460 LTO and card onto this server.

The LTO and U320 LSI card are compatable and will work well toghter but with most of the new G3 and G4 servers; since the G3 has PCI-X Slots.

- I would contact HP Proliant Storage team to fully make sure that it will be a good setup for performance issues.

1-800-633-3600 - voice prompt say : Proliant Storage L T O tape ; or listen to the prompts.

Best regards,

Hey, look a light at the end of the tunnel.
Neal Bowman
Respected Contributor

Re: Will PCI-X scsi card work in DL380 G1

As mentioned, the card will work, but not at PCI-X speeds. You may have to update your F10 partition with the lastest version available in order for the BIOS to recognize the card so it can properly present it to the OS.

The following card is recommended by HP
HP Ultrium 460 â all
Adaptec U160 (29160/39160) [1 per bus max] and U320(29320/39320) [2 per bus max]


Capable of supporting drives at burst speeds of 320MB/s. 68-pin VHDCI external connector