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Will RDMA consume memory ?

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Will RDMA consume memory ?


Recently I install some DL145G2 and DL385G1, and found that the availiable memory reduced by 128MB when 4GB total memory and 256MB when 8GB total memory which report by BIOS.

Both server had been installed wit the InfiniBand HCA which has the abailiable to enable RDMA.

I have no chance to test for the different when with/without the HCA, could it be possiable that those memory was consumed by RDMA founction ?


Igor Karasik
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Re: Will RDMA consume memory ?

InfiniBand use PCI-Express and PCI-Express use RAM memory.
See this advisory

Advisory talks about Intel chipset, but in notes you can see
"This behavior also affects ProLiant DL385 .... that use the AMD Opteron 8000 chipset"