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Win Server 2K3 on ML570 G1

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Win Server 2K3 on ML570 G1

I had a ML570 G1 running server 2k3 enterprise which stopped working after applying SP1. Instead of restoring the backup to get the machine back to its pre-SP1 state, I decided to reinstall the box as there is lots of junk on it that I would like to clean. The problem is now any time that I try to boot either 2k3 enterprise or enterprise w/ sp1 the install hangs. It seems that if I hammer on F5 or F7 (can't remember which) I am able to select the type of computer (ie ACPI single/multi processor, MLS single/multi processor, or standard PC. The only option that lets me proceed is Standard PC. This is obviously problematic. Anyone have any idea what I need to do to get this working? Is there a special HAL that I need to use when starting the installer?

Mike Bollman_1
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Re: Win Server 2K3 on ML570 G1

Ian, You need to use the Smart Start 5.5 CD to get the base machine up and running.

1st step is to boot of 5.5 CD and perform a system erase and then power off/power on the server. Then boot off the cd again and choose assisted install.

Once you have the OS installed you can upgrade the box to PSP 7.3, found here:
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Re: Win Server 2K3 on ML570 G1

Assisted install in combination with SmartStart 5.50 and W2K3 will get you nowhere.
Do the following for a fresh install :
1. Download the driver of the controller you intend to boot off and have it ready on a floppy.
2. Boot off SS550-cd and choose manual install of Quick Setup (F10) if a system partition is still present.
3.Follow Manual Install sequence making sure you Configure the server, Configure the controller (arrays and LDs) and Create the System Partition.
4. At the end of this sequence, when asked to remove SS-cd, replace SS with OS-cd and reboot machine.
5. Boot off OS-cd and press F6.
6. Provide Array-driver you prepared and install OS.
7. Once OS is installed, apply the PSP of your choice.
Most NC's will be recognized by WK3.

Terry Hutchings
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Re: Win Server 2K3 on ML570 G1

How many processors do you have installed?

I'd recommend making sure you have the latest firmware installed for this server:

Nomally it's not required, but you may need to go into the system configuration utility and change the APIC mode:
Press F10 at the end of post, at the main menu press ctrl A (should indicate advanced mode has been enabled), select system configuration, configure hardware, review or modify, then view and edit details. At the next screen scroll approximately 1/3 of the way down until you get to advanced features and change the APIC mode to either full tabled or full table mapped.
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Re: Win Server 2K3 on ML570 G1

Hey guys I really appreciate the assistance. Turns out ACPI was disabled in bios for some reason. Changing it seems to have gotten me past that hurdle.

Thanks all for the constructive input!!