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Win2000 Foreign and Native Drives


Win2000 Foreign and Native Drives

Hi Folks,

Don't know if people have been following my attempt to install Win2000, but let me first give you the rundown.

I have been able to create parallel operating environments by making a duplicate set of mirrored OS disks and still maintain my Array Configurations. The original environment is NT4.0 based and I have just successfully loaded Win2000 Server on the other set. I can now switch back and forth between the two which allows me to keep our operations app running while leisurely being able to convert our application to running under Win2000 when I am given time.

Be forwarned that there are issues with the DC's and AD trying to switch back and forth, but if you want to know about those details you can write me offline.

Anyway, my question now is this. When I try to bring my data arrays (Array B, C & D) online with Win2000 I know it will write the System Volume information to those drives and I believe convert them to NTFS5. I'm a little nieve about what this means though. I believe that they will still be accessible from WinNT4.0Sp6. I assume all of the security settings will be maintained for both environments. Are there any issues you folks see with accessing the Arrays from either NT4.0 or Win2000???

I need to maintain my original NT4.0 operating environment until I am ready to go live under Win2000. However, during this transition, I will have to get Win2000 interfacing with my Data Arrays and I don't want it to prevent me from accessing them under WinNT.

And finally, I guess volumes that aren't created in Win2000 are shown in Win2000 as "foreign" disks. If I make them native, how does this impact WinNT4.0?


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Patrick Rouse
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Re: Win2000 Foreign and Native Drives

Personally I think you're treading on dangerous ground. What I'd do is setup a desktop machine with a copy of all of the files from your server, test w/ 2000 until you're satisfied, then make the switch.

When you dual boot, you're risking doing what you fear, making a change that will render the data inaccessible from the other OS. Aside from this each Install has a different SID, so you can't join both to your domain with the same name.

Whatever you do, do NOT convert any of the disks to dynamic, or you will loose access to these under NT4, and there no way to switch back.

Re: Win2000 Foreign and Native Drives

Thanks far I've been doing well. The reason I want to do the "Parallel OS Environment" (It's not really a dual boot situation) is that I want to make sure I have all of the proper drivers to run on this system with Win2000. As you found with your ML570 to ML380 move, the drivers can kill ya.

I have a dual boot situation at home with WinNT and Win2000 and they seem to play nice if you have SP3 or higher of WinNT. I guess they incorporated support for NTFS5 after that. Yes, Dynamic Disks are NOT supported in WinNT, so I won't convert anything

Anyway, to play it safe I have decided to not attach the arrays until the final "Go Live" point and hope that if push comes to shove they will allow WinNT access if needed.

As always, backups will be maintained.

Thanks for the input,

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