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Win2000 Install on a DL380


Win2000 Install on a DL380

Hi Folks,

Well I have made some progress with my fresh install of Win2000, but I have run into some problems as well.

I have the System Board FW upgraded to P17 (12/18/2002). So that's done. The next step was to begin a manual install of Win2000. I shutdown the system and removed all of the drives from Array B, C & D. I left the Array A Mirrored Set engaged. I then booted up the system with the Win2000 CD in place. As the system came up, the Smart Array 4200 initialized and it obviously failed the Array's.

So it asked if I wanted to press F1 to disable all drives or press F2 to enter into the Interim Recovery Mode. I selected F1 because that's what I had been instructed to do. It then began to boot off the CD and the Win2000 Setup screen came up. All good to this point.

I then pressed F6 and waited as it loaded drivers and components. Afer awhile it asked me if I wanted to load drivers for Storage Compnents. I pressed "S" and inserted the diskette for the Smart Array Drivers I downloaded from the HP Suppport Site. I then pressed enter and it went through and loaded up the Compaq Smart Array Drivers and continued the install.

Now, at the end of this process, when windows was getting ready to restart, I got four(4) identical lines of text that read:

"Disk I/O Error Status = 00008000"

Now it's interesting that I have four(4) logical drives and this seems to be indicating that the drives could not be found. Because soon after this point I got an error that said;

"Setup did not find any hardrives, Setup can not continue."

So my question is this: Should I be "disabling" the drives or should I allow the system to come up in the Interim Recovery Mode? My initial thought was that the Smart Array Drivers were suppose to allow Win2000 to see the drives and that's why I entered F1. However, it seems that the arrays need to be recovered so that the Array A Disks can be seen.

Now, if I select F2 and recover the drives it's obvious that the Array B, C & D will fail. Is there any potential of corrupting my system configuration by taking this path???

Any thoughts on how to proceed???


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Re: Win2000 Install on a DL380

According to Tech Support...I need to be entering F6 BEFORE it gets into the Setup Screen. I will try this tomorrow. Any other feedback is more than welcome.
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Dan Baxter
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Re: Win2000 Install on a DL380

I'm not sure disabling the harddrives or not will matter. Are you going to recreate the array, or upgrade over top of an existing partition?

As far as the install not locating the drives, what Techsupport told you is correct. I usually start hitting "f6" as soon as it starts copying files, since I'm never sure when it actually senses it.

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Re: Win2000 Install on a DL380

Hi Dan,

I think Tech Support got me a bit confused with when F1 needs to be pressed. When I came up with the failed Arrays, it asks me to press F1 to faill all drives or F2 to enter the interim recovery mode. I had been selecting F1 because that's what Tech Support told me to do. However, I selected F2 in this case and it mounted the OS drives and told me the other drives (Array B, C & D) were bad and needed to be replaced. THEN it asked me if I want to press F1 to continue or F10 to enter System Config. This is where the confusion was.

Now when it booted up into the setup screen I pressed F6 and loaded the Smart Array drivers during the install. Win2000 Setup then found the drives and the install went smooth from there.

The Key??? Press F2 to recover the OS drives and then F1 to continue.


"It's just a box of rain..."