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Win2000 Setup Using SmartStart

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Win2000 Setup Using SmartStart


I have been trying to install Win2k Advanced Server onto a Proliant 7000 with dual Smart Array 3100ES cards (one acting as a redundant controller), 4 PIII 500MHz CPU's and 4 GB RAM.
I have been using SmartStart 4.90 Assisted Install which progresses all the way through to rebooting into Win2k Setup.
This progresses as far as 'Starting Windows 2000' and then Blue Screens with a message :-

Hardware Malfunction
Contact the hardware vendor
The system has been halted.

I have tried removing one of the array controllers, I have dropped the RAM to 3GB as I read about an NT Install issue with servers with 4GB RAM or more.
I have tried the SmartStart Manual Install but could not find the correct drivers for the 3100ES controller and when trying some general Compaq SCSI Drivers have the same HW Malfunction message.
I have checked the ROMPaq versions and all seem up to date.
I am about to log a call with Compaq but wondered if anyone had come across this already and thus could give me an answer quicker!!!


Mark Cloutier
Respected Contributor

Re: Win2000 Setup Using SmartStart

A) it COULD be a hardware malfunction which coudl be determined by running diagnostics BUT i suspect it is still a memory issue...yes NT has problems with over 4 gb but SMARTSTART has problems with memory over 1 gb...reduce and retry..if no go run diags and report errors to compaq
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