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Win2003 on ML370 PIII-1.0GHZ (g1)

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Bryan Lucas_3
Occasional Visitor

Win2003 on ML370 PIII-1.0GHZ (g1)

I don't have SmartStart 6.3. I have 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 6.0, 7.0, 7.01, 7.1 to work with since they won't let me download 6.3.

7.X says "unsupported" server yet the matrix for SmartStart says ML370 G1s are supported.

6.X will not let me change the boot controller from the onboard to the Smart 2DH so I can't go any further. It is trying to reboot to RBSU which doesn't exist on G1's.

5.X works but won't let me do a 2003 install. (I'm about to choose 2000 and put in the 03 media and see what happens).

I've tried system erasing with 5.X, then setting up the array with "other" as the OS and then booting to 6.X but that didn't work either.

Very frustrated, any ideas?

What should I
Honored Contributor

Re: Win2003 on ML370 PIII-1.0GHZ (g1)

You will need to do a manual install (no smartstart or Compaq partition). We have a Instruction sheet on our support page that walks you through it. Simply, you use the Compaq applications individually, as needed, clearing, reconfiguring arrays, installing drives for the OS install etc.
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Bryan Lucas_3
Occasional Visitor

Re: Win2003 on ML370 PIII-1.0GHZ (g1)

I looked at your site, but didn't see the instructions, what's the url please?

Oleg Koroz
Honored Contributor

Re: Win2003 on ML370 PIII-1.0GHZ (g1)

Hi Bryan
Download few applications
SP22002 Erase Utility
SP19619 SCU
SP6263 ACU

Run Erase, Create System Configuration Utility diskettes, Create Your Partition and After Run ACU from F10 it Will ask you for Diskettes and you Provide from set SP6263
For Manual Install F6 of O/S with appropriate Driver Drivers

Bryan Lucas_3
Occasional Visitor

Re: Win2003 on ML370 PIII-1.0GHZ (g1)

For the record,

I used the System Erase from diskette to wipe the system out. Then I used the SysConfig from the diskettes with one note. I initally tried "other" as the OS but that didn't seem to allow the win2000/2003 setup routine to load, it would hang on the "Setup is starting the Windows" part. Once I set it to Windows NT (then selected 2000) it would work. I even tried the F6 and loading the Smart-2DH driver and the Intergrated driver and neither would help, it would just get stuck at the same part. (Btw the 2003 driver disk didn't contain a txtsetup.oem file, but I found one via google).

Also, the ACU from the diskette was some older version that only offered RAID1, not 0+1. SmartStart 5.4 seems to be the very best option.

Finally, I found a SS6.3 CD and even though it explicity states to use that version on the HP 2003 documentation, it flat out refuses to work on a ML370G1 even though the matrix says it will.

Stephen Kebbell
Honored Contributor

Re: Win2003 on ML370 PIII-1.0GHZ (g1)


just another note to clear up any possible confusion:
Any server which does not have a ROM-Based Setup Utility (F9 prompt on post) will not boot with any version of SmartStart later than 5.50. This included almost anything that's pre-G2 (I think the ML330 G1 has RBSU, but I'm not sure).
To install Win2003 with SmartStart, boot from SS 5.50 (or 5.40 in your case), select the Manual SmartStart installation, and select Windows 2000 as your OS. Then continue through the system configuration, the Array Configuration and creating and installing the System partition. At the end of this, it will ask you to insert your OS CD and reboot. So do that. You shouldn't need to use the F6 option when you boot from the Windows CD, as Win2003 already has Compaq Smart Array controller drivers on the CD. It definitely has one for the 2DH. Then setup Windows as normal, and when you're finished, apply the latest support pack either from SS 7.10 or download it.