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Win2K reinstall problems with DL380

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Win2K reinstall problems with DL380

We switched out processors on our DL380 (g1). Systems specs are: 4GB RAM, 1.0 ghz processor, 36.4 GB X4 hard disk in a RAID config. Original switch was due to needing the processor for testing a separate machine.
After the switch, we got a BSOD during the Windows bootup. Compaq's system configuration utility indicated the problem was with DIMM Slot 1. So we tried various combinations of memory cards in various slots (2 cards only in different combos of slots; all four cards in different combinations of slots, etc). Sooner or later, the Windows reboot/ reinstall leads us to a BSOD.

Any suggestions for verifying memory cards or for reinstalling Windows under these circumstances are much appreciated.

Re: Win2K reinstall problems with DL380

Check your system's RAM with the tools offered here:

The test can last maybe 20 hours, depending on the amount of RAM and the number of tests that you run. But then you will know if there's something wrong with your RAM.

Hope this helps.