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Win2k Server hanging on Restart or Shutdown (resolution #1)

Robert Mirowicz
Occasional Visitor

Win2k Server hanging on Restart or Shutdown (resolution #1)

I noticed a bunch of posts with the same issue that I was having with Windows 2000 Server hanging on a blinking cursor on a Proliant server whenever a re-boot or shutdown was issued from a console. The only way to get back into the OS was to cold boot the server.

All the resolutions that were posted before this date were of no use to me and did not help resolve the issue.

I just wanted to post what I did do to resolve the problem.

Normally when I build a server I enable the disk performance counters so that my remote monitoring servers can monitor disk space. (diskperf -y). This was what was causing my proliants to hang on a blinking cursor on restart. To remedey the problem I disabled all disk performace counters (diskperf -n) then re-booted. It will hang at a blinking cursor one more time, just cold boot the server and after that you will discover that the machine will once again reboot and shutdown as advertised.

Once back up I re-enable the disk performace counters ONLY on the logical drives so that I can still monitor disk space (diskperf -yv).
By enable only the counters on the logical drives the Proliant will still reboot normally. But for some reason if I enable all counters (physical and logical) the server will hang on a blinking cursor upon the second reboot.
Robert W. Smith_1
Occasional Advisor

Re: Win2k Server hanging on Restart or Shutdown (resolution #1)

When I have time, I've been searching for an answer to this problem on my Compaq Proliant 3000 server for better than six months. It occurred after a server upgrade from NT to Win2K and patches to SP4. I did everything all in one sitting, so I really wasn't sure what caused it. Bacically, the server stopped shutting down all the way, I never got to "It is OK to shut turn off the computer now" (or what ever that exact message is). Rather, it just stopped at a blank screen with a blinking "-" in the upper left corner. I literally spent 20 hours over that 6 months searching knowlegebases on Compaq, Microsoft and the internet in general.
Finally, after using some creative key words I came across a Microsoft Knowlege Base article # 306942 (yes, I did say Microsoft-usually last place I look for an answer to anything) that suggested removing Media Player 7X components. I took it one step further and removed it totally, shut down to the "-" screen again, pulled the plug, restarted, and shut down again. It worked!. I almost fell off my chair...the Microsoft artical solved my problem.
I tried the few other ideas I found like replacing the CD driver and others similar. I didn't have the Easy CD creator software installed, so none of that applied. But I had the same problem they were describing.
I'm sure different things will work for different environments, but maybe this is something to try as it is not very invasive...
Victor Pendlebury
Valued Contributor

Re: Win2k Server hanging on Restart or Shutdown (resolution #1)


Do you have A Smart Array controller in a hotplug Slot ?
If yes, try moving it to a non hotplug slot .

Or else check your Bios , Smart Array Controller firmware and Support Pack

I have seen this issue before and cannot remeber if it was caused by Bios, Firmware or Driver

Jeremy Black
Frequent Advisor

Re: Win2k Server hanging on Restart or Shutdown (resolution #1)

I have a similar problem on two Proliant 7000s. The bios/support pack/service packs are all updated. Versions E40/6.4/4 respectively. I have moved all cards to the non-hotplug slots, and I have spent several hours on the phone with Compaq techs. We were able to reboot in safe mode, so they concluded it was software. I removed almost all software, like McAfee, but that did not do anything.
Please help!!

Re: Win2k Server hanging on Restart or Shutdown (resolution #1)

I had the same problem with my a couple of my 7000 E40. The problem is with the IBM Tivoli Remote Control Driver. It is set to the primary instead of the default cirrus adapter. Disable Tivoli Remote control or try to remove Tivoli and reinstall.

Show me the money!!!!
Jeremy Black
Frequent Advisor

Re: Win2k Server hanging on Restart or Shutdown (resolution #1)

Thanks John!! That did it! I disabled the Tivoli remote control service and it appeared to free up the system to reboot. I guess the moral of the story is to check the video driver first. Thanks again!!