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WinPE 2005, SSST 1.7

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Jon Southby
Occasional Contributor

WinPE 2005, SSST 1.7

Using hpdiscovery.exe getting a couple of error messages and an incomplete hardware file.

hpdisc_plugin_basesys.dll: plugin returned -1
hpdisc_plugin_nic.dll: plugin returned -1

WinPE(X86) image has PNP and WMI support

Any ideas?

Thanks Jon
Frequent Advisor

Re: WinPE 2005, SSST 1.7

These kinds of errors happen when WMI is not installed. These two DLL require WMI. Please make sure it is installed. I know your message says the image has WMI support, but just double check it.
Jon Southby
Occasional Contributor

Re: WinPE 2005, SSST 1.7

Thanks Tom,

I rechecked the image, and it looks like WMI was not been fully installed, missing folders etc. Had a google and came across this which I tried. All seems OK now.

Thanks again.