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WinPE Boot Image Speed/Duplex lockdown

Occasional Advisor

WinPE Boot Image Speed/Duplex lockdown

I am trying to to create the image of a DL380 running Win2K3 and I have created a WinPE Boot Image with the exact NIC driver for the HP NC 7781 Gbit adapter (at first I was using the universal driver and the HP tech reccommened to create the boot image with the exact driver set]. Our switch is configured for 100 Mbs/Full duplex. Creating the image is taking an awful long time anywhere between 5 to 6 hours.

I am able to observe while monitoring the swich that the NIC is trying to communicate at Giga bit speed, essentially I do have a speed/duplex mismatch between the imaged server and the switch. I was wondering if there is a way of locking the speed/duplex to 100/full any where within the boot image or anywhere else for that matter.

Any help with this will be greatly appreciated.