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Windows 10 pro on Hp Dl380P G8


Windows 10 pro on Hp Dl380P G8

Hi, I'm a little new to installing an OS so sorry ahead of time lol. Anyway i'm trying to install Windows 10 Pro on a spare server at work. After I load the windows 10 cd and get to the part of the install where you are supposed to select what drive you want to install windows on I get a message that no storage drivers can be found and I dont see any drives listed. The Server has about 8 seperate drives installed on it. What drivers do I need to install and get windows 10 to see the raid storage?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Windows 10 pro on Hp Dl380P G8

Try this:

HPE ProLiant Smart Array HPCISSS3 Controller Driver for 64-bit Microsoft Windows Server 2012/2012 R2/2016 Editions


Enhancements: Added support for Microsoft Windows 10



That was not planned in this way.

Re: Windows 10 pro on Hp Dl380P G8

I ended up just needing to configure the system array raid setup with no drivers needed. I guess it wasn't setup before so windows was not seeing the drives. After I created an array I was able to start the installation of windows 10 on the server.

Thanks again for the help!... I probably will have more questions soon lol.