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Windows 2000 Network Card Limitation

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Windows 2000 Network Card Limitation

We have a Proliant ML370 with a 1Ghz processor running Windows200 Server. It has the following ethernet network cards installed

3163 Internal
four 3134 cards with 3135 upgrade modules bring the total number of interfaces to 17.
All interfaces are recognised and appear to work but when we ping the name server we get returned as the reply. When we remove one of the four port cards the resolution is OK.

Microsoft have responded thus:
"The only limitation to the number of ethernet ports in Windows 2000 server would be physical card slot limitations and interrupt sharing by the motherboard bios and bus- as well as i\o port availability and configuration for the cards."

Any assitance that can be given would be appreciated. A collegue had a word of mouth response that 16 was the limit but no further detail has been forth coming.