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Windows 2000 SmartStart Installation

Adrian Marsh_1
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Windows 2000 SmartStart Installation

Running SmartStart 5.0.

I have two problems:

1) If I Erase the system, then run startstart, it allows me to choose Windows 2000 AS Select, and install that O/S. It also seems to pre-install certain Compaq applications.

If I go through the Hard-disk version of smartsart (F10 at startup), it doesn't give me the listing of the OS's for install, or even show 2000 - and it wants a floppy disk to boot if I try any other OS - what gives?? Am I missing something??

If I boot from CD, but don't do the Erase first, then the CD doesn't give me an option for OS installation at all.

Problem 2) I'm using a slipstreamed SP4 2000 Advanced Server CDROM. If I go through the above (Erase->Wizard->2000 install) then as 2000 installs, I get an error saying it can't find "bachsb~1.cmi". Although I've checked, and this file IS on the CD, and has the same size/timestamp as my 2000-non service packed CD. I've also tried a second CD. So is there a problem between Smartstart 5.0 and 2000 SP4 cds??? If I boot the CD straight, no Smartstart, then I can happily install 2000 AS (including this "missing" file). Can I then add the Compaq applications afterwards, and if so, which ones are default??

I'm kind of at loss here. So far Smartstart ain't being Smart, or Starting anything...
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Re: Windows 2000 SmartStart Installation

Yes, you can do a manual install of the O/S. Go ahead and create the System Partiton, install the utilities and save your system config using the smart start CD.
Then, drop your 2000 CD in and build away. After you have the O/S up and going, you can install the ProLaint Support Pack (PSP):

The PSP will give you all the agents and such that you will need for your serer.

Here is the PSP users guide:

You did not say what System you are using, so here is a link to where you can get the rest of the drivers:
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Adrian Marsh_1
Occasional Visitor

Re: Windows 2000 SmartStart Installation


Thanks for that. But I thought that the Support Pack only Updated tools that were already installed. I can't see how to install new apps from the list.

It's for a group of older DL380 (1Ghz) machines.