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Windows 2003 on ML370 G2

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Windows 2003 on ML370 G2

Hello there;
I wouls like to install windows 2003 server on a ML 370 G2 server which presently is running Unix SCO 5 server. I'm new to Proliant servers and i've never performed an installation before. Would you please what is the best way to install windows 2003 on my server? I know thst smart start should do it, but in my case it keeps telling me that the system was configured before and it gives me some options, like system erase/upgrade and so on, but no options to install a new OS. How can i do that?
I would appreciate any help.
Thanks in advance.
Prashant (I am Back)
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Re: Windows 2003 on ML370 G2


GO ahead with the mannual installation.
Server shipped with
Integrated Dual Channel Wide Ultra3 SCSI Adapter
Where as driver for same server is available at following site.
Install PSP after instalaltion.

Prashant S.

Nothing is impossible
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Re: Windows 2003 on ML370 G2


If you have the SmartStart CD that came with the server and the Win2K3 media, you have everything you need. Does your Smart Start package have the Profile Diskette? If not, here is the download link to create it from:
You will need one diskette.

You can perform the System erase. But be warned: This will remove any data and configurations you had on the system.

Once you perform the system erase, re-boot the server.

Insert the Smart Start CD.

As the system re-boots you may see some errors about date/time and system options not set. Keep going, you may have to press F1 to continue.

The Smart Start CD will boot up and you will be presented with the option to install the O/S of your choice. You should select Assisted Path. Now follow the propts and you are on your way to installing your server.

G'luck! -john
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