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Windows 2008 64-bit Install on DL 380 G5

Occasional Contributor

Windows 2008 64-bit Install on DL 380 G5

Forgive me , but i'm a complete n00b with HP servers and for that matter, installing windows 2008.

I have 2 P400 Smart Array's.

Slot1 Controller is set as the boot controller and has the following specs:

4 drives
2 drives in RAID1
2 drives in RAID1

Slot3 has another P400 Smart Array and is configured as follows


4 drives in a RAID 10

Now, when i try and setup windows 2008 and get up the to the

Where do you want to install Windows ? screen i get three disks that are all indicated as unallocated.

I choose disk1, load driver, install P400 64-bit driver, create new, format and select next and i get:

"Windows is unable to find a system volume that meets its criteria for installation"


Mind you, all this is being done because my version of Smart Start gives me the infamous " unable to locate: /mount/dvd" for flat file install...
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Re: Windows 2008 64-bit Install on DL 380 G5


how are you loading the driver? suing usb key?

if so I got an similar issue when my usb key was all the time plugged in so I had to inserted it when graphical mode starts

also are you using SmartStart CD x64 bits

weird I've installed too many server with SSCD - W2008 and never that issue

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