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Windows 2008 R2 HPSUM


Windows 2008 R2 HPSUM

Hi All,


I am trying to figure out the best way to deployt the SPP for a Windows 2008 and 2008 r2 servers.


Currently, I am using SPP201208.2012_0730.60 and here is my command line:


hpsum /s /express_install /use_wmi /use_snmp


However, I notice this does not install the agents, so I follow up the previous command with:


hpsum /c cp017303.exe /s


for the agent componet for this SPP.


This "Seems" to work, but I am conserned that there may be a better way to do this. We need WBEM and SNMP and the /use_wmi and /use_snmp seem to satisfy these requirements. Is there a /use_? for the agents to install?


I also tried using the bundle file, but it omits these features as well.







Re: Windows 2008 R2 HPSUM

You could try HP Guided Troubleshooting on this topic at the following link:







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Re: Windows 2008 R2 HPSUM

Thanks for the reply, Vijay!


I will take a look at that.


One other question...


When I install the SPP from command line using an Administrator account (That gets renamed during the build process), the machine's will not discover in SIM despite having all the features installed.


When I install the SPP using a domain account, after the machine is fully installed, SIM discovers the machine just fine.


When the discovery fails, there are errors about not being able to communicate though SNMP or WBEM even though they are installed.


When the SPP is installed, is there some location where I can modify username permissions? I suspect this behavior is due to the account that installed not existing anymore.


Any ideas?