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Windows 2008 R2 setup problem on ML110 G6

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Windows 2008 R2 setup problem on ML110 G6

I've been trying to setup a Windows 2008 R2 64b on a new Proliant ML110 G6 server without success. I'd check bios updates but tools show everything up to date, Raid controler and I think every thing found within HP forums related to this issue.

The server:
Proliant ML110 G6 Xeon Processor Quad Core, 2GB RAM, HD SATA 250 GB + 2x750 GB, BIOS Version 0270126_TAN

My steps:
I'd try first with Easy Setup CD (updated) but I just got the same problems described at:

None of the sugested work arounds have working for me.

When I'd try with direct installation from Windows 2008 R2 64b DVD allways got the same problem at driver search, the message "Device driver for CD or DVD drive not found" (in spanish because of my win license), I'd already try with downloaded drivers from product support page at HP, also with drivers in Easy Setup CD, but setup just can't find "CD or DVD driver"

Any clue or work around will be welcome, I've spent so many hours with this... BTW, HP compatibility matrix shows ML110 G6 compat with Win2008 R2 64b.

Thanx in advance
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Re: Windows 2008 R2 setup problem on ML110 G6

I'm having the same when installing on a ML180 G6.

I'm using the Easy Setup Version 2.01 (latest)

When using Easy setup to load the OS off a DVD I receive the following issue at 99%.

Error Desciption
WIM.getElementsByTagName ("MAJOR") [0] is underfined.
Line Number 900

If I use easy setup by loaded from a USB key the installation runs through fine and I then reboot the server. Windows then tries to install. I then receive a issue when hpssbem.exe is execute cannot find file hpssbsm.exe.

Click okay and receive another issue - "there was an error executing the following setup command: c:tmp.hp\\sources\setup.exe /installfrom:c:tmp.hp\\sources\install.wim /unattend:c:\autounattend.xml" (in second error window)

I've tried a direct install from Windows but receive the same error as the post above.

I've updated the BIOS to the latest version. If anyone knows a fix for this I'd be most grateful.

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Re: Windows 2008 R2 setup problem on ML110 G6

Win2008R2 has serious problems with UDF format, see MSKB 975617. i have Blue Screens of Death upon inserting UDF formatted media.

If you can get to it, it may help to toggle the Windows Desktop Experience feature as that brings in many things having to do with DVD drives, filesystems, and media.

If you can't get to it, may be bring it in via unattend.