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Windows Cluster Active/Active

Occasional Contributor

Windows Cluster Active/Active

Hi all,
I have two p Prolient Storage DL 585 and Confiured Cluster on both the Nodes,
1)It's Active /passive
How to Creat and Check Active/Active ?

2)Each volume Size is 2TB
In second node all Volume is showing Unallocated

i used blow llink and upto that only i am able to configure pls. tell me How to Creatre Active /Active and how to check that ?


Patrick Terlisten
Honored Contributor

Re: Windows Cluster Active/Active

Hello Daya,

you can't run those type of clusters in an A/A configuration. But you can add a thrid cluster group:

First group should be the cluster group. It's only for cluster administration and should include the cluster ip-address, the cluster name and the quorum ressource.

Second group should be a resource group with ip-address, name, shares, physical disks etc.

A third group can be a second ressource group with additional addresses, disks, shares etc.

Each group looks like a single server for a client, but all three groups can run on the same node. So you can use both nodes, each node run a cluster group.

A physical disk (volume) can only be used by the active node. It's unavailable on the second node. If you want to use it on both nodes at the same time, you need a cluster file system like Oracle Cluster File System, IBM GPFS or RedHat GFS. But those filesystems can't be used with windows.

Hope this helps.

Best regards,
Best regards,