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Windows Event ID 1180 HP foundation agent

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Windows Event ID 1180 HP foundation agent

I'm having a Compaq ML370G2 server having a logical disk of 145 GB; the disk is a RAID1 consisting of two 145GB disks.

On this disk an exchange5.5 store is running.

For some time now I get error messages as follows:
OS Information Agent: The Logical Disk Performance Instance, '_Total' is failed with Disk Busy Time of 100 percent.

The disk also show high utilization when this error accors.

Any hints ?

Thx in advance !
Mike Bollman_1
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Re: Windows Event ID 1180 HP foundation agent

Sounds like your Exchange DataStore is chewing up all your IOPS. Have you calculate how many spindles you actually need to run exchange?

Take your Average IOPS per user (typically .8 - 1.2) x Number of users. Then you will need to divide this number by either 120 or 150 (120 for 10K and 150 for 15K). This will tell you how many physical spindles you should have dedicated to Exchange.

Hope this helps