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Windows Event Log and CIM/SIM

Occasional Contributor

Windows Event Log and CIM/SIM

I am trying to configure a system that will send alerts based on the event log entries generatated by HP SIM and/or Compaq Insight Manager. Does anyone know where I could find a listing of Event ID's and their corresponding sources?

David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: Windows Event Log and CIM/SIM --> System Management Homepage (Insight Agents) --> Support & Documents --> Manuals - HP System Management Homepage Software --> Manuals --> Microsoft Windows Event ID and SNMP Traps Reference Guide

Just out of curiousity, what is it you're configuring (and why go to the bother when it's already there in a shrink-wrapped, vendor-supported package--HP SIM)?
Occasional Contributor

Re: Windows Event Log and CIM/SIM

Good question, David. My customer has invested in a product called Secure Monitoring Service from InterXion ( In order to receive hardware-level alerts we will need to configure the service to monitor the event logs for SIM-related entries.

Thanks for the response. It's just what I need.