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Windows Server 2012 Installation Tutorial

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Windows Server 2012 Installation Tutorial

Windows Server 2012 Installation Tutorial

  1. Prepare Windows Server 2012 DVD installer first
  2. If so, enter the DVD installer into the computer you want to install
  3. Turn on the computer and enter the boot menu. If you have entered the boot menu, change the option from boot priority to DVD drive, if you have clicked save configuration
  4. If to restart the boot it says "Press any key to boot from CD or DVD" just press any letter on your keyboard
  5. When the Windows setup window appears, the next step is to set the time, language, and keyboard input into Indonesian time.
  6. If you can click install now until it says "Setup is starting ..."
  7. Fill in the product key according to your product key
  8. Choose the version of windows server 2012 according to your needs
  9. Click "I accept the license terms" and click next
  10. Click the custom install option, because we will install a new operating system
  11. Storage partition settings according to your needs
  12. If the box appears as below, just press OK
  13. Wait until it's finished, if during the installation process there are several restarts, it's only natural, don't panic
  14. After successful, you will be asked to fill in the administrator password. The administrator password must have upper and lowercase letters as well as numbers and symbols, for example, @MbCom123.
  15. If you have successfully created an administrator password, the Promote command screen will appear because we choose to install the core version
  16. Done


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