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Re: Windows Server 2012 R2 Installation

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Windows Server 2012 R2 Installation

When I try to install Server 2012 from DVD I get error saying no valid media drivers found.


After searching I found that I had to install through HP Intelligent Pro.


I went through the full installation, entered admin password for the server and thought all was fine.


I went to log in and it says the password I had entered was incorrect. I now can't log in.


I am having to go through it all again and it is rather annoying and making me wish I hadn't purchased an HP system.


Is there a way that I can install it from the disk without having to use HP IP and actually get everything up and running.


This is rather tedious as I have been on this for several hours now and I am still not logged in and starting again with an install.


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Windows Server 2012 R2 Installation

What model server is it? I haven't had problems installing Windows 2012 R2 directly from the Microsoft media, at least with DL3xx G5, G6, G7 and Gen8 boxes.

the Intelligent Provisioning install will at least make sure all of the HP software/drivers are installed, just like the old Smartstart installation. Maybe it's an extra part in the installation process, but it can also save you time from having to install those HP parts later on.

And don't worry, I've installed a system and mistyped the admin password in both boxes, especially if it's on a small keyboard with no numpad and you accidentally have numlock turned on but didn't notice. :)
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Re: Windows Server 2012 R2 Installation



Thanks for replying.


It is the ML310e Gen 8 v2 server box


For the password I just used Admin12345 (not using the numpad or capslock) and it didn't accept it.


Have started the IP installation again to see if it will do the same. Had to get in touch with support for more advice.


If this doesn't work then it will be a driver install (which they pointed me to) to see if that will do it.


As an aside, if you used a NAS drive on it too? If so, is it easy to implement?