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Windows Server 2012 on a DL380 G4 (Sort of)

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Windows Server 2012 on a DL380 G4 (Sort of)

This post will have a VERY limited audience. But I thought it might be helpful to at least a few others.


The HP DL380 G4 with a stock Intel Xeon SL7DY (HP Part 364757-001) will not run Windows Server 2012 because the CPU lacks the Execute Disable (aka NX Bit, XD bit, DEP) feature (


But the DL360 G4 with a stock Intel Xeon SL7PG (HP Part 361381-001) DOES have Execute Disable and the CPU is compatible with the DL380 G4 motherboard (same Intel E7520 chipset) and the DL380 G4 P51 2007.07.19 BIOS (


I had a mix of old DL380's and DL360's and I needed the extra expansion slots that the DL380 offers. So I swapped CPUs from my DL360 to my DL380 and now it can run Windows Server 2012. But no Hyper-V, since both CPU types lack Intel Virtualization.

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Re: Windows Server 2012 on a DL380 G4 (Sort of)

I realize that this is a little late in the game but....


Just HOW did you manage to get Win2012 installed?


I was elated to learn that, with a quick swap of the procs, I might get some additional use out of my/our DL380 G4 running Win2012. The procs are installed and I have the "No-Execute" Enabled in to BIOs. On boot it see the procs and starts loading the files for the installation. This is where my problems occurs. I see the Win8/2012 Logo splash and then....BOOM. There is a quick flash Hex error (too fast to read) and then it reboots to do all over again.


I have seem similar posts lamenting that the error is one relating to the No-Execute chip feature (which, without being able to read it, I can't verify that mine is the same error).


If you would PLEASE let me know what you did and what BIOS setting you have on YOUR 380 g4 I would appreciate it.


This particular device was to become the 2nd DC in a new Test 2012 Forest to be used in the planning of our Corp Planning. If I could get this working I MIGHT be able to complete this project under-budget (setting a record).


...would look outstanding on a review.


Thank you.


Re: Windows Server 2012 on a DL380 G4 (Sort of)



We tried to install Windows 2012 Foundation pack, the installation went well but later server became very slow and some times blue screens.


Bluescreen message was pointing towards processor.

We used Dual-core Intel Xeon 2.8 GHz/800MHz -2x2M L2 cache processor.


We installed for testing purpose.


Thank You!

I work for HPE

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Re: Windows Server 2012 on a DL380 G4 (Sort of)



Did you ever manage to get W2K12 installed on your DL380 G4? I'm experiencing what sounds like the same issue and would be very grateful for any tips.


I've updated the BIOS to the latest version but that hasnt made any difference.




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Re: Windows Server 2012 on a DL380 G4 (Sort of)

Could you be more specific abou tthe dual core 2.8GHz Intel XEON processor that you installled that allowed you to install server 2012 R2 on the HP Proliant DL380 G4.  There are a lot of Xeon's that fit that profile.

Thanks in advance.