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Windows VCA referencing wrong SMH version

Kerry Quillen
Regular Advisor

Windows VCA referencing wrong SMH version

I have noticed that the VCA on our Proliants running Windows x64 versions shows the installed SMH to be 'HP System Management Homepage for Windows x86'.  The attachment is from a server running Windows 2003 x64 and its reference support pack is 8.70.  If I select the x86 SMH version and install, it will appear to install successfully but the VCA will not reflect it.  The only way to get the status to turn to a green check is to click 'show additional items' and select and install the x64 SMH.  I have tried changing the reference support pack to 8.60 and 8.50 with no luck.


Re: Windows VCA referencing wrong SMH version



I would suggest to update the VCA version on the system.

Only the VCA version and not the whole PSP.


Good Luck!

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