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Windows XP and ML350 and ML380 servers

Alex Kuypers
Occasional Visitor

Windows XP and ML350 and ML380 servers

We have a ML350 with E200i Raid controler and two SATA 250 GB hdd in it. (configured RAID 1+0)

And a ML380 with Smart array controler P400 and 8x Serial SCSI 146 GB hdd in it.first two disks RAID 1+0 and other six RAID 0

When we use smart start we can make the arrays on both machines Raid 1+0 without any problems.

But when we try to install Windows XP Pro SP2 the setup tells us there are no disk we can install to.

Can someone tell me what is wrong and provide me with the correct drivers wich can make it possible to install XP Pro on both machines that are needed for a test where running.

Regards Alex
Alex Kuypers
Occasional Visitor

Re: Windows XP and ML350 and ML380 servers

Sorry it should read DL380 and not ML 380 but the problem stays the same....... so if someone can help......please
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Re: Windows XP and ML350 and ML380 servers

hi alex

from what ive read most HP/compaq servers dont have drivers to support XP. sorry i cant help u here

good luck
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Re: Windows XP and ML350 and ML380 servers

like tripper91 says XP does not support this infrastructure

OS supported

» Microsoft Windows
» Debian
» IBM OS2 Warp server
» NetWare
» Oracle Enterprise Linux
» SCO OpenServer
» SCO UnixWare
» Solaris
» Red Hat
» VMware

and windows specifically
take a look about the windows versions supported

Didn't your momma teach you to say thanks!