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Windows server 2019 install issues Dl20 gen10

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Windows server 2019 install issues Dl20 gen10

Hi I'm having issues installing server 2019 on a new Dl20 g10. Intelligent provisioning will not load the iso and from windows installer it will not find raid.

I've updated IP to 3.23 and the issue persists. It will not load the iso it starts to validate then blinks back to the previous screen.

So I went the other route and I'm still having issues.

I've pulled the appropriate driver HP smart array s100i from the hpe website and placed on a thumb drive. When booted into server 2019 install media it doesn't find valid signed driver.

Any help would be appreciated.

Re: Windows server 2019 install issues Dl20 gen10


I believe you have already Configured RAID on the server.

HPE Smart Array S100i SR Gen10 SW RAID Driver Version: will support Windows Server 2019. The previous versions of driver won't support windows server 2019.

Please find the download link below: 


To install Windows Server 2019, please boot the server directly with OS media and then perform the installation.

In order to detect the logical drive during the OS installation by the controller, please provide the storage controller driver referring the below steps.

>From the above-provided web-link, please download cp037222.exe and extract its content on a FAT32 formatted USB drive.
> Boot the server with the Windows 2019 image, it will come to the screen " Where do you want to install windows " & below you will see option load driver.
> Click on load driver & browse to the USB Key location where the extracted B120i Drivers are located & continue.
> Now the controller gets enabled & you will see the hard drives to select for the Windows Installation.
> Continue with the installation.

If the issue persists please try following

1. Check with a different copy of OS image.

2. Delete and re-create RAID and check. 

3. Please test with Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 or Microsoft Windows Server 2016 with the same drivers above.

If the issue is not resolved with the above actions, then please log a support case as this needs to be investigated.



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Re: Windows server 2019 install issues Dl20 gen10

I checked today, and did not see a DL20 Gen10 as Supportet for Windows 2019:


I'm not an HPE employee, so I can be wrong.
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Re: Windows server 2019 install issues Dl20 gen10

It is been added (DL20 Gen10) as well as ML30 Gen10...

The list seems to be updated very slowly as validation takes months to complete...