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Won't Boot

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Won't Boot

I lost the power supply in this unit. I placed a new power supply in and it still would not boot. I placed a second new power supply in the box and the system began to boot. When it got to the NT login screen the monitor went off and would not wake up. Each consecutive boot attempt did the same thing only it never got that far again before going black. In fact each time the machine went black sooner then the last. I tried three different video cards and different monitors. I have removed all cards from the box and still no dice. Any ideas??
Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Re: Won't Boot

More information is required. Need to know the following information:
1. BIOS date of server during boot up
2. What is the Operating System
3. What PIC/IA cards in the server
4. Is all hardware COMPAQ
5. What's attached to the controllers

The problem could be caused by several different things:

1) The fix may be to clear NV RAM, by booting into the System Partition (F10) and selecting CONTROL + A (advance mode enable) and running the System Configuration Utility. Once the utility has ran you select Review or modify HW settings, #3 for View or edit details and then scroll down the window until you get to the section, Advance Features. Under Advance Features, there is a line item that says Erase NVRAM. Highlight it and press the ENTER KEY (Follow Instructions).

2: Try running the Server Diagnostic Utility. This can be ran from the System Partition, Smart Start or Floppy disk.

3. Remove any 3rd part hardware such as memory.

4. Verify that the system has the latest BIOS, by going out to