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Wrong Part Number of HP Server

Adnan Rafik
Occasional Contributor

Wrong Part Number of HP Server

A couple of weeks back my client asked me to upgrade the CPU of his server if necessary. So I went the site and took the server serial number and the part number.

I called the authorized distributor and the gave the information to the concerned person.

The part number of the CPU he quoted me was very high in the prices so I decided to buy the same part from another distributor.

What happned next is the this PN is not the correct one and this CPU is not compatible with HP SERVER>

I've already paid the amount to the distributor and he says that 'You order the part number and we provided you the product' and he is right because I got the wrong PN from other distributor.

Even the other other distributor gave me the PN for the memory and memory worked but CPU didn't.

So to whom should I claim?

When I call HP Support center here in Dubia UAE and give them the server SN, they says it does not exists?

Really Shocking.

The Server is HP ML Proliant 150 with 2.8 GHz 533 MHz

and the new Processor is 2.8 GHz 800 Mhz.

What do I do now?
Honored Contributor

Re: Wrong Part Number of HP Server


The correct CPU option kit for the 533Mhz FSB model (ML150 G1) is as follows:-

Intel 2.8G Xeon processor, Heatsink with CPU Fan, retention module- Option part number is 347926-B21.

Your system serial number should include the following characters for a valid 2.8Ghz ML150 G1 model:-

LZF6 or LZF5

If you can exchange the one you bought for the correct one it might not be too bad.

Good luck.