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X7460 / six-core in a DL580 G5

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X7460 / six-core in a DL580 G5


I just fired up my first six-core box - quad sockets in a DL580 G5.

I am only running 64 GB of RAM (16 x 4 GB) but with this many cores - I am thinking about the upgrade memory boards and putting this to 128 GB of RAM before the end of the year.

Definitely going to take it from Windows 2003 STD to Windows 2003 ENT and possibly leapfrog over to Windows 2008 ENT (hopefully R2).

We have this on a RAID 1 Pair of 36 GB drives (10k) but will ideally use faster 72 GB 15k drives and possibly migrate the RAID 1 to a RAID 10 and then use the 2nd Drive Bay for additional drives.

The Server is SAN attached but local IO could be leveraged for SQL performance.

Just interested in what the ITRC thinks and if anyone else is running one of these big bad servers - DL 580 G5.


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Re: X7460 / six-core in a DL580 G5

hi make sure you have plenty of cache on controller ,and battery pack too

now use 2 arrays one for OS on a mirror set

and the other raid 5 for data etc.

with hot spare assigned while creating the array do not add it after , because it does not always auto jump in if added after, so ,be aware ...

which means the server would require a reboot , so it would need to be initiated to get the hotspare to jump in it would not be auto majic....

now each array on its own channel on the controller beter io ..and redundancy

also if you get a fail or predictive fail or rebuild ,read rewrite requests would not bog the system channel down

in acu battery options read write cache percentage can be adjusted dynamically while os is running, just try if for a period to see what suits,,

enjoy points appreciated ,

enjoy :)