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XP on ML350 g3 - Fan Control - IDE Drive - Updates etc

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XP on ML350 g3 - Fan Control - IDE Drive - Updates etc


I've bought a Proliant g3 server for experience, pleasure, love for hardware engeneering, and perhaps reliability for streaming / multimedia purpose (audio streaming, online database, non-stop loop recording, scanning etc).

I've set an XP with an IDE controler, and all seems to run perfectly. I've put the latest bios either. Anyway, I've got several questions / problems to solve.

1) I cannot set the HP System Management to get control (or automatic control ?) of the fan speeds (to decrease the noise of the unit). I've taken the files for Win 2000 or for server 2003. The first makes a death blue screen at the end of install, the second seems to install properly, but I cannot find any HP interface in the system. What should I do ?

2) I could not install all the rom and other HP proliant updates. Is there a file that makes all the updates online ? Like bootable smart DVD or CD ? I've tried the smart bootable CD but it says me no updates avalaible. Of course I went on the firmware / drivers for ml350 but there is so much files I'm not sure wich is important and wich is not. I began with some of these files, but after having creating 15 diskettes for the smart array rom file or something it was not matching at all ....

3) WOuld someone succeed in using an IDE HDD on the IDE embedded controller ? It seems its totaly impossible - and I think its very odd that the HP bios stays unable to run any IDE hard drive. Its almost a fake information from HP to announce IDE ports that cannot run any IDE hard drive !!!

4) For the best system performance, what is the best to use ? The scsi smart array controller with an ultra 320 HDD or a new sata pci-x controller with a recent sata HDD ? Like this one : http://cgi.ebay.fr/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=150493264237&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT

5) If I put an OS like Windows Server 2003 or 2008, would I be able to put any XP compatible programs like Winamp, Photoshop, Sound Forge etc ? (I would prefer not to install Win 2000 that I feel slow ...) Wich OS would be compatible with most of desktop / multimedia / peer to peer apps ??

Thanks in advance for your answers.

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Re: XP on ML350 g3 - Fan Control - IDE Drive - Updates etc

It's a server. Not a PC.

Q1: Use a server OS.

Q2: Use a server OS.

Q3: The IDE controller is intended for CD / DVD use only.
It might work. But you must use cable select. + CS cable.

Q4: The Smart Array controller, is the better choise. And then you have solved Q3.

Q5: Don't know.

I don't want to be an ......
But I feel it's better to give you some strait on answer.

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Re: XP on ML350 g3 - Fan Control - IDE Drive - Updates etc

Thanks for your answers, straight answers are not too bad, it's ok.

Cablle select is a good idea, unlesss it's the first time I know we must use a special CS wire !? This question (ide on 350g3) was never solve into the web, so your info could be precious. Note that the point using IDE is just to jhave the ability to access data from old IDE drives using some rack/ caddies, for example. It's always good to have max compatibilty in those things.

Endly, I'm surpised the smart array + the HP controller PCI card + ultra 320 10 k scsi drive remains more powerfull than a good sata PCI-X controller with Sata recent disk. I just hope the 1000 rpm scsi drive won't be much more noisy - anyway, the server is far away noisy himself !

Other point, I don't know what those Win server OS looks like, I was in fear to find many things I don't want or I don't know how to use, and fear not to be able to run most of common multimedia apps .... Anyway, I will try it, with a multiboot config.

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Re: XP on ML350 g3 - Fan Control - IDE Drive - Updates etc

Cable select has been used by Compaq / HP for many years.

And the cable is different from the cable that you use for master/slave settings, since the setting is "keyed" on the cable.

I think, that it is the BIOS that has the limitation on the IDE HDD support.

It might be better to find an alternetiv solution for IDE.

Yes the faster SCSI disks is more noisy. They spin faster.