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Xeon 7500 8-core on DL580 or DL380

Alessandro Federici
Occasional Visitor

Xeon 7500 8-core on DL580 or DL380


We're about to start a new big project of business servers consolidation with VMWare on a couple of twin HP server (probably DL580 or DL380).

In IT Department we are sure it would be much better for us to start with the new processor Xeon 7500 (either on a 4-socket DL580, or on a 2-socket DL380), but meanwhile we've got a couple of managers that want to start as fast as possible with 2 projects that requires 2 new servers.

The question is: when will we have these server models equipped with the new processors and ready to be sold here in Italy?

Thanks in advance and kind regards

Alessandro Federici
Metelli S.p.A.
Brescia- Italy
Michal Kapalka (mikap)
Honored Contributor

Re: Xeon 7500 8-core on DL580 or DL380


as you alredy mentioned, it would by better to wait, but the IT field is changing from day to day, so i think you could use 6xcore cpu, its always depend on the request from the management and also form the requiremnts for the projects.

In your case i would contact HP and ask them directly, if they have some fixed road map for the new 7500 xeon processor or not.