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acquiring network address timeout

Nicole Harris
Occasional Visitor

acquiring network address timeout

I have a good connection and IP address, but whenever I try to connect it switches to 'acquiring network address' and never finds it, so I can't connect to the internet. Virtually no packets are being recieved or sent. I'm connected through ethernet, but my roommate is through wireless. I tried using her card and had the same results. Any clue how to fix this problem? The internet used to work fine.
Ivajlo Yanakiev
Respected Contributor

Re: acquiring network address timeout

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Nicole Harris
Occasional Visitor

Re: acquiring network address timeout

Ok. So the story goes... I had a working internet connection and then my computer crashed (unrelated windows issue), but when I repaired w/ the windows XP CDs, the computer now works, but the internet does not. I thought it was just the built in ethernet card, but no such luck b/c on trying my roommates wireless card, I still could not connect. I get a strong signal, but always get this 'acquiring network address' and it can sit there all day trying to connect me. Pretty much no packets get sent or recieved. And, when I first turn on the computer it actually thinks I'm connected w/ a good connection, but it is decieved. I have a real IP address and everything that is generated too. I know its not the internet provider or anything, since my roommate's wireless card actually works on hers. Thoughts on how to get my connection up and running again?
Matt Hitchcock
Occasional Contributor

Re: acquiring network address timeout

It is most likely a setting on the wireless router. Have you limited access to the wirless network to trusted mac addresses? If so you will nee dot add the MAC address to the router.

What hardware are you using?

Are you using fixed IP addresses or DHCP?
Ivajlo Yanakiev
Respected Contributor

Re: acquiring network address timeout

first try connect internal network card.
1.Is there driver for your card and it work well /control panel/
2. confic your LAN with you IP address
3. Set up DNS
4. Setup Default Gateway
5. ping your own ip address /use windows shell abd try ping youripaddress
6. ping your Default Gateway

Tell me result

Frequent Advisor

Re: acquiring network address timeout

I found the following on another forum. The problem is Windows XP service pack 2.

I'm looking for more answers. Unfortunately I'm not at the computer to test the answer.

>The problem is... Windows.(XP)

You (and I) set the nic card for static ip, but I bet you (like me) left the WINS setting in the default, where it keeps trying to poll DHCP for the WINS server address...

I set it to use NetBios over tcp/ip and the problem went away. I was also getting "network cable unplugged" errors that were related to this problem.

Took me a while to figure this one out, so I figured I would pass on the info...

"I am the clueless user. Hear me roar."
Jeff Brown_15
Frequent Advisor

Re: acquiring network address timeout

The problem sounds like your NIC is now setup for DHCP in the TCP/IP settings but before the restore had a static IP. Either, enable DHCP on the networking device you are connecting to or look on you friends computer and grab the IP and on the last octect increase/decrease the IP address by one.

Example: Friends computer -
Start > Run > type "CMD" (maybe "command")

Type "ipconfig" in the CLI (black box) and record the IP, default gateway, subnet mask, and DNS server.

Your computer -
Open the TCP/IP settings of your NIC and put in the settings you took from your friends PC. But, for IP address do not use the same IP as your friends or the default gateway.

Your NIC:

Give that a shot.