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add Harddisk in RAID-5

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Safwat Rahman
Occasional Visitor

add Harddisk in RAID-5

We have a HP ML 350 G4 server, which have 4 hard disks. Each hard disk capacity is 72.8GB. We had configured the RAID-5 with those 4 HDs. This server is used as Exchange server. The OS (Win2K3) and Exchange are installed on C: and E: drive, respectively.

The drive information is given below:
C: drive capacity = 10 GB
D: CD-ROM Drive
E: drive capacity = 10 GB [OS]
F: drive capacity = 60 GB [Exchange & Mailbox]
G: drive capacity = 07 GB
H: drive capacity = 45.6 GB
I: drive capacity = 03 GB

Ques 1: I want to add One hard disk (which capacity is 140+ GB) without breaking the existing RAID-5 and also without move/loss the existing data so that every drive extend the capacity minimum 20% space out of Total extended space. Is it possible? and also for the case of more than one HDs?

Ques 2: What is the additional Hardware requirements, if any? (like, is there need to any additional RAID controller etc.?)

Would you help me anyone about solution of this problem ?
Patrick Terlisten
Honored Contributor

Re: add Harddisk in RAID-5

Hello Safwat,

if you have created the RAID 5 with the Smart Array Controller, just add the new harddisk, add them to the existing array and expand the logical drive. This tasks could be done with the "Array Configuration Utility" (ACU).

To expand the partitions on that logical drive(s), take a look at "diskpart.exe". It's built-in tool of W2K3. Search for "diskpart" in the windows help for more informations.

If each partition is a logical drive, you can easily expand them, except the system drive.

Hope this helps.

Best regards,
Best regards,
Honored Contributor

Re: add Harddisk in RAID-5


another recommendations:
- Try to use the latest Array Configuration Utility:

- and update your controller to the latest firmware (I did not add the link because I don't know the controller)


I've attached a PDF file

the procedure is call
Expand / Extend:

First you add the new HDD to the RAID and after that you integrate that space to your RAID.

as Patrick Terlisten said you can use diskpart but in case you need to have more control con what you're doing (adding space to all partition) here is a list:

Acronis PartitionExpert 2003

Hard Disk Manager 8.5
Server Edition

EASEUS Partition Manager V1.6.2

I also know there free tools.

Didn't your momma teach you to say thanks!
Safwat Rahman
Occasional Visitor

Re: add Harddisk in RAID-5

Thanks Patrick and Karlo.

Is there any reliable freeware software for expanding the system partion?

Igor Karasik
Honored Contributor

Re: add Harddisk in RAID-5

>>Is there any reliable freeware software for expanding the system partion?

Generally speaking diskpart doesn't support C:\ drive extension.
But you can use Kris Rombauts suggestion here:
Such way you will extend C:\ drive without any 3rd party tools
Make sure you have good backup before C: extension !