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add hdd to proliant 800

Steve Raine
Occasional Contributor

add hdd to proliant 800

I need to add a scsi hdd to our server which has a 431 controller. I took over the job of looking after the server because of complicated circumstances. Any way we have no Compaq CDs ie. smartstart. How can I add a SCSI HDD to the server and configure everything without the Compaq CDs. A step by step explanation would be greatly appreciated if anyone has the time.

Thanks in advance for any help.
Gert Luyten
Respected Contributor

Re: add hdd to proliant 800

Not sure what you want to accomplish here:
1) add another drive to an already existing and working server with OS installed
2) add drives to a to be installed server

1) simply plug in the drive if it's hot-pluggable and use Compaq Array Configuration Utility - ACU (should already be installed, if not you can get it here for f.i. NT4: to detect the new drive and to add it to an existing array
2) The best way is to buy yourself a Smartstart CD but make sure it's version 5.x
It's critical that you configure your RAID set with ACU which only can be started from this CD for your version of SA-controller.

Rgds, Gert Luyten.
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