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adding drive to a raid 5

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adding drive to a raid 5

server: proliant DL 380 G4
This server has: 2-72GB/15K for raid 1 / drive c

3- 146GB/10K for raid 5 - may have 2 logical drives defined [D and E]

The questions I have are:
1: how can I expand the raid 5 by adding another 146GB drive down the road? Do the disks need to be dynamic, etc?
2: If I do have 2 logical drives defined on this raid 5 - does this cause additional problems?
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Re: adding drive to a raid 5

Ideally, if you want multiple logical drives on the same RAID set (e.g. RAID 5), the best option would be configure both logical drives using the array controller itself.

For e.g. your setup may be like:

Array A (Logical drive 1 - RAID 1: 2 x 72 GB drives)
Array B (Logical drive 2 - RAID 5: 3 x 146 GB drives)

However, you would have used Windows logical drive manager to further create two logical volumes (D: & E:). You can expand the Array B in this setup using another 146 GB hard drive & extend the logical drive 2.

However, how you would be able to extend the same on either D: or E: would depend on how the Windows logical volume manager allows you to do that.

I'd recommend that if you want 2 logical drives with RAID 5, you can make the setup like this:

Array B:
Logical Drive 1 (D: for e.g.)
3 x 146 GB drives

Logical Drive 2 (E: for e.g.)
RAID 5/1/X (depending on what you want, and what your controller support)
3 x 146 GB drives

This kind of setup allows you the flexibility of choosing what RAID you want for each logical drive (D: & E:), as well as when you install additional drive, you can expand the array and select which logical drive you want to extend.

Good luck!
James ~ Happy Dude
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Re: adding drive to a raid 5


1. Add HDD > goto ACU >> Select Array > Expand Array >select new HDD.
once done... Extend the desired Logical drive using the new "unused space"

2. NO. it should not cause any problems.

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Re: adding drive to a raid 5


no problems at all.

adding a new HDDs to an Existing array is a procedure Expand/Extend

check the file I attached, page 4. also it is an online process you don't need down your server, but I recommend you to have the latest firmware for your controller before do this and a backup if you can afford it

page 4

I hope this can help you

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