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adding harddisk to proliant ML 350.

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adding harddisk to proliant ML 350.

I am fairly new to this kind of stuff. I need to add a hard disk to HP proliant ML 350 with RAID1 configuration. And it is running on Oracle Enterprise Linux O/S. Can some one plz tell me the steps to download this "ACU" and proceed further. Is there any big difference in HP Proliant ML 350/ML 370.

Any help is much appreciated.

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Re: adding harddisk to proliant ML 350.

You can't add one harddisk to a raid 1 set.
You can create a raid 5 using three harddisks but as far as I know there is no way you can convert you current raid one to a raid 5 whitout loosing your data. So if you want a raid five you will need to make a proper backup first.
Acu can be run from the smartstart cdrom. This is a bootable cdrom that can also we used to install windows. I you want to create a second raid one set or add just the single disk then you could also use the bios. Just press F8 at boot to enter the raid controller bios. The ACU has more configuration options, like cache setting and recuild priority.