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apply firmware to esx hosts

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apply firmware to esx hosts

I have a question regarding patching/firmware for the ESXi hosts. I have three hosts configured accessing a SAN and have ESXi installed on them.

I used to apply the Proliant firmware for the physical hosts. Does the same still apply if they are ESXi hosts ???

Do I vmotion my vm's and then boot the server with the firmware cd and apply the patch ???

Is this how it needs to be done ?

Do we need to apply the firmware to the physical hosts ??
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Re: apply firmware to esx hosts


Of course you need to apply firmware to the physical host regardless of Operatingsystem on the host.

the best way is as you describe using the firmware DVD to apply the firmware.

I would use caution and try the updates in a test enviroment first to make sure the updates dont mess up your ESX enviroment. ESX is a bit sensetive. for exampel changes to PCI numbering.