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array and Raid

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array and Raid

hi everyone

please help me in this. I have hp proliant server 370. using smart starter i created 4 arrays and 1st array was on raid 1+0 on which i installed windows 2003 server. to utilize more capacity i tried to expand this array using raid 0 but after several hours when it did not expanded then i created mirror of os on another array and deleted that array and created logical drive again on raid0. but now i am not able to boot from that mirror array. please help
Oleg Koroz
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Re: array and Raid

Would be best if you recreate all from scratch, it will save your time and more confidentiality all done correctly
See general rules about creating Array
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Re: array and Raid

Hi Sandeep,

It looks like you have deleted the array that contains the logical drive where the Operating System is. To be able to get the best help you have to provide all the information and what you need to do
1. What generation server is this?
2. How many Hard drives do tou have?
3. How do you want them to be configured?
4. What kind of array controller do you currently have?
5. What smart Start CD ver do you have?

It is help ful to clearly state what you wanted to accomplish with what you have in this server.

Amha Kassa
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Re: array and Raid

Thank u Kov and Amha

I will go through this document befor I make any other mistake. Amha details of the server and other software is as follows
1. hp proliant ml 370 G4 tower server
2. We have four 36.4GB and one 72.8GB hard drives
3. We have limted resources so I want use them in the best way. I want to allocate space 15GB for OS 2003 on raid 1+0 and rest i want set on raid 5 for the data
4. We have Smart Array 641 controller
5. smart start cd ver is 7.1

i tried to club array utility and windows 2003 dynamic disk to fully utilize the space and most secured data. please suggest