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array controller timeouts

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

array controller timeouts

I get timeouts from internal drive array controller!!! NT hangs for some seconds an the array controller marks one HD as faulty.
Sometimes he marks even 2 HD's an faulty but after reboot
everything is gone.
I have 2 Server with same Configuration producing the
same errors!. Hard drives are ok!
-- DL580, 2P , 1GB RAM
-- 4x 18,2 GB wide ultra2 7200rpm hard drives , RAID 5
-- latest firmware for internal array controller an server installed

any ideas???

thanks nik
Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Re: array controller timeouts

I have the same since few days. On even more powerful machine (4P, 3.5GB RAM, 3 external storages with 3x14 9GB drives on one smart array 4200). Everything is ok from insight manager, but since few days I always get scsi timeouts while doing backups (means at highest disks activity). I have latest firmware, at least insight manager says so... Any ideas ??? Compaq gurus, please help !!! Thanx a lot, Pawel