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array issue on DL380 G3 w/ integrated 5i

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finian mackin_2
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array issue on DL380 G3 w/ integrated 5i


I have a prob with a DL380 which has a failed disk. please see the attached screen shot. As with all DL380 G3's, disk IDs are 0-5. Originally, it was a 3 disk RAID5 using IDs 0-2. Suddenly, its looking for ID6 as part of the array, and doesnt rebuild onto ID2 as expected.

This is not the first time ive seen this happen over the past 3 weeks i have had 1 more occurance of this. I ended up having to blow the last server away and start again (as i was not first to look at it)

Any pointers? Its only firmwared til approx 7.1 and ACU/PSP 7.1

Edit: cant get screenshot to upload link here:
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Re: array issue on DL380 G3 w/ integrated 5i


try this update 5i firmware

and use smartstart CD (SSCD)

- before this power off your server and remove your HDDs

- using smartstart CD reboot server and use it as bootable CD, In SSCD homepage go to Maintenance Tag, Erase utility and erase evryhitng (HDDs out of course).
the idea is delete any ghost IDs

- power off server and return HDDs inserting the one that has ID issues at last

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Oleg Koroz
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Re: array issue on DL380 G3 w/ integrated 5i

software and psp has nothing to do with this, problem with backplane and ris table either one or both
finian mackin_2
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Re: array issue on DL380 G3 w/ integrated 5i


just fyi: to resole this issue i had to do the following:

- insert 3 new disks, create RAID5 array identical to existing
- use 3rd party software to clone the array
- recreate the 2nd array through smartstart to deal with the logical drive location issue with the windows install
- reboot

Still no idea what the 5i got confused, but couldnt fix it in place - had to replace the array of disks. Sort this out HP!