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back Scsi Cable ML350 G4 Cage

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back Scsi Cable ML350 G4 Cage

I"m looking for cable that connected with lop for the back of the cage into the scsi board see pc via link below.

2 sockets that need a small jumper cable, a few inches long, to connect them

It's only 3-4 inch only. Please try to find me this cable we gave 5 server's non working.

Enclosed pc Picture 6 of 7

Thanks Moshe.
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Re: back Scsi Cable ML350 G4 Cage

This looks like the 6-disk hot-plug cage.

Most likely you need item 29b in

29a is the non-hot plug and has one connector on ine end to connect to the controller and 4 connectors on the other end to connect to each of the 4 non hot plug disks. (4 disks supported)

Take a look at these pictures for the cage that you have. Do you have that cable in the middle two connectors? It looks like some kind of a terminator kit.

In any case the cable is a standard SCSI3 cable with two HD68 male connectors.
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Re: back Scsi Cable ML350 G4 Cage

This document mentions the "point to point SCSI" cable 292232-001 as well.

The small cable in the middle of the cage is for simplex vs duplex SCSI disk connectivity. It is a jumper cable that when installed all six disks are in one scsi chain and are connected to the same channel on the scsi controller. If it is removed, the disks are split into two cabling groups, disks 4 and 5 in one group and disks 0-3 in the second group. You would need two scsi cables to connect from the cage to the scsi controller.
Page 44 in the server maintenance guide at