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backup & dlt peformance

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

backup & dlt peformance

Hardware :
We have a compaq proliant 3000 / p2-450 with 500 mb of ram. A compaq smart array 3200 controller is being used (8 disks in a raid-5 config.) and further a compaq dlt 35/70 dlt drive is being used.

Software :
Novell netware 5.0 sp6a is being used in combination with backupexec v8.5

problem desc. :
If a local backup is made the performance is
about 2 mb/s (traditional & nss volumes). The unit does not perform in streaming mode (Except for very large files) The dlt-unit however should get 4 a 5 mb/s.

question :
Is this because novell netware can't backup any faster ? or is this because the machine's hardware is not good enough to perform the backup. ?

What can be done to increase backup performance ?

Further postings about performance results with (S)dlt drives on the proliant 3000 & netware would be very appreciated !!