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bad drive replacement hot swap

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bad drive replacement hot swap

Question on drive swap Proliant ML350p Gen8

I have a bad drive on this server but my concern is when I look at the array diagnostic report it shows 2 logical drives in interim recovery mode but only 1 bad hard drive, set up is 8 HP SAS 900gb drives in a raid 50. of course I am 1 month past the warranty period on this unit and HP quoted me 945.00 to have a tech come out and replace the drive. i have a spare and i am fully capable of pulling the old drive and putting the new one in but I am trying to avoid a system crash as this our production server and no one is working if I crash the system. I was on the phone with HP and when I sent AD report to them that was when they suggested having a tech come out so I am wondering if they saw something that gave them some concern or what. any help would be appreciated my user ame is not a joke 

Johan Guldmyr
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Re: bad drive replacement hot swap

I don't see a question in your text. What specifically are you worried about?

Is it the two logical drives message? Maybe within the RAID50 array you have created two logical drives.