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battery status failed

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battery status failed

I had a problem with my Hp proliant DL 180G5 server, in this server i have  smart array e200 controller. when i  browse this controller through web i t is showing some error in acceleration as 

status                                           Temporarily Disabled

Error code                                    Cache Disabled Low Battery

Battery Status                            Failed


So, with this message we have replaced the battery, but the error still the same. So my next step is to upgrade the firmware of the controller. Do you think this is the right decision, if so please tell me how to do this firmware updating, and also I need to know that if the firmware is updated any raid configuration is changed.


please help me what to be done.

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Re: battery status failed

A new battery still has to do an initial charge cycle which could take a day to complete.

There should have been a message when it booted up saying the battery was charging, and the array config util should show something about it charging.

If it still says it's a bad battery, then the new one might actually be bad if it's already tried to charge up for 24 hours and still didn't hold enough charge.

Some people who sell replacement batteries are selling new/old stock components that have been sitting on a shelf for 5+ years, so look at the date and make sure your new one is actually recently manufactured.
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Re: battery status failed

Yeah, your firmware is from 2008 and you have missed several critical fixes so it would indeed be a good idea to update your controller.
However I suspect not only your Smart Array Controller has very outdated firmware, but your whole server has.
It might be easier to update your entire server with the Service Pack for ProLiant.
However HP recommends not skipping 1 SPP version in one go.
So you would have to go quite a while back in the archives to get your server up to date.

Also please keep in mind that HP only supports servers with firmware within 1 year of the latest SPP/release for that specific server. If the latest firmware is a critical update all other firmwares would even be considered no longer supported.

So if, god forbids, you have have a serious issue that is difficult to trace down town to one component (random shut downs without entries in logs/message on screen/red leds once every 3 months or something along those lines) you would have to go through a whole update process.

Also if you update in small steps (not skipping more than 1 SPP at the time) no settings should be lost, however if you decided to update to the latest version at once your BIOS settings might get restored to default (though no raid-configuration should get lost as this is stored on the hard drives them-self).

But as Waaronb says you would expect a different message now then failed battery.
So I would suggest:
-Update server
-If issue persist replace battery and cache module in one go.
-If even that fails there is most likely an issue with the controller (systemboard in your case).
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