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big ml530 server prob pulling hair out

bill burles
Occasional Advisor

big ml530 server prob pulling hair out

have an ml530 running w2k advanced server. have reduced it to just the one built in 10/100 card.

if i boot it up with the network cable in attached to the network it blue screens straight after the log on screen.

if i leave the cable out its fine until u put in the cable and it blue screens afetr 20 secs.

similarly if u disable the card it boots up fine until u enable it when it blue screens when the net cable is in.

have replaced system board, switch, memory, cable. have reinstalled drivers and sp4.

any ideas i'm going mad? :(
Terry Auspitz
Frequent Advisor

Re: big ml530 server prob pulling hair out

I'd say there was a problem with the on-board NIC, but you said you changed out the system board so that rules out that option.

If you have not already updated to the latest network drivers, you can find them here:

If your server is an ML530 G2 go here instead:〈=en&cc=us.

If that doesn't work, the next thing I would try is disabling the on-board NIC and installing a NIC in the server. I hate to throw hardware at what appears to be an OS/configuration issue but that may be the path of least resistance.

If you need more help with this please post back and I'll do my best; if this resolves your problem then thanks in advance for any points you might assign.

Leon Rosier
Respected Contributor

Re: big ml530 server prob pulling hair out

I hope, during installation of SP4, you didn't choose to let the service pack replace the drivers that were put on the machine by the HP support pack.
If so, that's probably the reason for the blue screens.

Try this.

Throw away the nics from device manager.
Run again the HP support pack.

bill burles
Occasional Advisor

Re: big ml530 server prob pulling hair out

thanks for trying but finally fixed it - the tcpip had corrupted so followed a kb article to reinstall it as u couldnt via the gui