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bl20p-g3 fails to restart Event 271 - NTFS/filesystem pnp reset veto

Chuck Heintzelman
Occasional Contributor

bl20p-g3 fails to restart Event 271 - NTFS/filesystem pnp reset veto

I have 2 racks (4 full enclosures per rack) of bl20p-g3 servers that hang configuring computer when I deploy an image. The image deploys fine to blades elsewhere in the lab. If I force a reboot from the ilo, or by logging into the computer, the system reboots and finishes the job. If I do not manually reboot it never finishes (at least over 3 days)

I have verified all firmware and hardware configs match with the working blades (including the enclosures)7.80/2.33. I have reset the bios to factory defaults...still no go. I bypassed the procurve switches that these go through and gone directly to the switch that the DS is connected luck. I pulled a blade from the working rack and placed it in the broken rack it does not work there. I placed it back in the working rack and it works. I replaced the passthrough luck. The image being deployed is windows 2003 sp1 w/7.70 psp. I tried sp2 and psp7.80 with no luck.

I have an event 271 in the eventlog stating the the NTFS/filesystems has vetoed the restart. The nic adapters are trying to get dhcp, but if I pull up the network properties they are configured for static ip. There is a message on the screen saying new hardware was found- would you like to reboot.

It's almost like it needs to reboot to finish the config task, but it can't reboot till I answer the question "Do you want to reboot?" My aclient has the force reboot set.

I have several racks of these blades and am only seeing the problem on these 2 racks.

Any ideas?