boot from ssd

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boot from ssd

I have a Proliant ML330 G6 with two discs in mirror Raid, with the P410 controller. It runs ubuntu 16.4, and it is working fine.
I wanted to leave the raid, only as data files, and install a Samsung Evo 850 SSD in the SATA1 port with the system.
The problem I have is that I can not get the BIOS to recognize it as a boot disk. In any other computer, it starts perfectly.

From Bios I have this configuration:

  • PCI Device Enable / Disable menu -> are both enable.
  • Standard Boot Order (IPL) menu -> Option 4, Hard disk.
  • Boot Controller Order menu: -> embebed Pci sata controller.

But when I press F10 to exit. It always warns me that the default boot is P410.

Once the system is running, I can access the SSD, without problems. Is there something wrong, or what can I do?